Diversifying into Ultrasonics for nuclear new build

Each year the Energy Industries Council (EIC) ask their 700+ members how they have been thriving. Looking for innovative examples of industry success stories that demonstrate business growth and evolution. This year, we are delighted to see NRL’s NDT expertise listed alongside 60 other energy supply chain businesses that are surviving and thriving.

What is the report?

Now in its fifth year of publication, each year the EIC’s CEO Stuart Broadley sits down to interview members to hear all about the developments they have been making within their businesses. Keen to see how organisations are changing and adapting to remain successful, and what innovations they are bringing to their respective fields. The hard work then starts to whittle these down to the final businesses that are publishing in the Survive & thrive report each year. The EIC call them success stories, because each of them represent a shift in gear that is helping to drive forward the energy sector by adopting successful growth strategies .

How is NRL’s NDT business surviving and thriving?

In early 2020 we identified an opportunity to extend our traditional radiography NDT services to the latest Ultrasonic techniques. Following significant investment in the right people and technology, we’re delighted that the EIC recognised our drive to diversity our business by positioning ourselves ready to support the nuclear new build opportunities at Hinkley Point C. Flash forward one year and we now have a second NDT office in Bristol, have developed a new Ultrasonic qualification and inspection service which we’re delivering to several large engineering companies, and have the set the foundations in place to support the future development of small modular reactors (SMR).

It’s a lot to have achieved in such a short space of time, as we told the EIC when we sat down to explain how we are both surviving and thriving.

Supporting the civil nuclear industry with Ultrasonic qualification and inspection

Our specialist team consult with our clients to combine their technical know-how with the latest qualification and inspection techniques.

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